Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Row?

  1. Rowing combines a full-body fitness sport with a recreational activity.  It offers a complete physical and mental conditioning program all in one.
  2. Rowing requires a minimum of skills to achieve,  yet will remain a challenge throughout the years as you continue to improve.
  3. People of all ages, sizes, and physical limitations can learn to row and achieve a level of accomplishment that is both physically beneficial and personally rewarding. Rowing is now recognized as an effective means of therapeutic conditioning used in various applications, from joggers with bad knees to those with physical handicaps.
  4. Rowing allows you to experience Shuswap Lake like never before
  5. The sport of rowing, is a great way to stay fit.
  6. Rowing is FUN!

What Type of Boats do we use?

Most of our rowing shells are set up for sculling (each rower using 2 oars) but we have 2 boats that can be set up to sweep (1 oar for each rower)

Currently SARP has:

  • 1 single
  • 2 doubles
  • 2 quads (sculling)
  • 1 four (sweep)

What do I wear?

For gear / clothing – dress appropriately for the weather, keeping in mind that you are on the water and it can be cool, but you will be working out and heating up, so layers are important.  You will want slim-fitting clothing so that your shirt or shorts do not get caught in the slides.  You don’t necessarily need Lycra…but don’t wear your baggiest t-shirt.  Don’t forget a water bottle, hat and sunglasses.  You will also need to wear a pair of running shoes.  We launch the boats off of the beach, so you will get your legs wet during the launch.  Wear pants that you can roll up, or shorts (if weather permits).  The beach is sandy so bare feet while you launch are fine, and you put your shoes back on once you are in the shell.  Please keep a change of cloths and a towel in the car in the unlikely event that you should get wet.

Will I get wet?

The rowing shell that we use as our Learn to Row boat is very stable and it is unlikely that this boat will tip over.  Once you start rowing in the single and double rowing shells, there is the chance that you may tip into the water.  This is not a bad thing, especially on a hot summer day!  You will learn to right the shell and get back in.